The New York Lessons

Sohini Chattopadhyay

Siddhartha Deb on how the city refined his ‘inbuilt shit detector’ and made him a more honest writer

Doubt and Dogma

Tarun Tejpal’s novel should be read to understand the world we live in, one that extremist ideologies have plunged into darkness

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

If Jug, like his Riverdale namesake, seems too laidback to be paying attention to weightier matters, you’ve been had

How to Survive as an Indie Publisher

It takes more than just the belief that there exists a market for ‘alternative’ books. It takes an intense dedication to quality and plenty of gumption, says Yoda Press’

Not Lost in Translation

Reading these graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie crime novels is like rediscovering an old friend

Gag Order

Censorship by any other name. Slap a defamation suit and leave it to our tardy legal system to ensure the offending material never gets out. B-school guru Arindam Chaudhuri is the latest practitioner of the art

First Candidate for a Cold Shower

The Booker-winning author’s enthusiasm for bewildering metaphors is just one of his many literary failures

Reality Check

The style is reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s, but Binoo K John works with a disadvantage. He writes in English

The True India Book

Non-fiction in the country comes of age with Aman Sethi’s book about life on the margins of society

Why Litfests Matter

They may be a dime a dozen these days. But writers can benefit immensely from these interactions


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