The Matron’s Burden

Sudha G Tilak

Padma Viswanathan’s debut novel walks back through two centuries to reflect on the Brahmin’s burden and Tamil lineage through a feminine perspective

Nabokov’s Last in Playboy

It’s a good fit: Playboy and the author of Lolita

Desperate Motherhood

The burden of traditional expectations. Unscrupulous doctors. New-age medical technology. This is not Dan Brown, this is real India

Missing the Link

Ida, the 47 million-year-old primate fossil unveiled to the public a little over a month ago, was an important discovery. But not for the reasons that this book sets out to establish

Adventures of Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Translating epics like Hoshruba, etching graphic novels and the Urdu Project. Farooqi has a lot on his plate and he’s loving it

Death of the Urban Village

Mumbai’s Shanghai dream involves ‘saving’ Dharavi by first razing it. As this extract shows, this benefits nobody more than the corrupt builder-politician lobby

In The Valley of Mist

Justine Hardy’s third book on Kashmir focuses on post-1989 Kashmir through the story of Mohammed Dar and his family

Rawlsian Roulette

How fuzzy minds affect buzzy times. A book that puts the economy on the couch to have its head examined

Melancholy’s Children

In his first collection of short stories, Kazuo Ishiguro shows us that this form is capable of handling the biggest of themes


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