Your Computer Is Bugged

Aresh Shirali

Every click of yours is quietly being watched. Worse, you are slowly being pushed into an information ghetto

The Lies of Nations

Nuclear haves and have-nots are blinkered hypocrites in this memoir of former IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei

Alice in Blunderland

While Alice Albinia, the non-fiction writer, refuses to tell a well-worn tale, Albinia the novelist succumbs easily to reductive depictions

‘Life without Writing Bores Me’

Gruelling research is just preparation for that moment when the story comes to possess him, says Amitav Ghosh

“I am a Bengali writer, I need to live in Bengal”

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who’s writing yet another autobiography, says she’s awaiting the ‘green’ signal to return to West Bengal

‘The Best is Not Necessarily Literary’

David Davidar explains why publishers can’t afford to invest time and money on their authors, and goads writers to start taking risks

The Woman Who Led Deborah Baker down the Garden Path

The Pulitzer-nominated writer plots her latest biography, The Convert, in the style of a suspense thriller

Stone Pelter’s Paradise

Young Kashmiris speak up about the turmoil in their state in this explosive new anthology. An excerpt from an essay

The Guilty Pleasures of Rereading

Come on now, it’s never about the new meanings you grasp each time revisit a book. It’s the comfort of the same old story and the same old characters and the same old ending, every single time

From Where Javed Akhtar Drew Mogambo

Four sparkling English translations ably transcreate Urdu noir writer Ibne Safi’s delicious world of breezy, madcap pulp


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