So, What Happened?

Madhavankutty Pillai

Lucid language, poignant moments and one hell of an ending. If only there was a plot to fill the 200-odd pages.

‘Curb Gay Rights, Curb Aids’

That’s the baseline prescription of Elizabeth Pisani, the author of a book on fighting the killer virus.

Maggots in the Mind

Khalid, the protagonist, after over a year of being thrown into an isolation cell at Guantanamo Bay.

Where No Healing Is Ever Enough

Nominated for a children’s book prize, Anna Perera’s story of a Guantanamo inmate wrenches the heart with its stark realism.

Colour Me Bad

This Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician has always been the paparazzi’s delight. In this biography, Sandford follows a similar path instead of trying to unravel the enigma called Imran Khan.

Rocket Writer

Sujit Saraf on his new book about a bandit and how slow and sarkari his former employer, Nasa, really is

Bandit King

The thrilling adventures of a fearless robber, with cameos by Jim Corbett and General Dyer.

Diaspora Dissection

Five continents. Seventy five relatives. And an insightful journey, warts and all, to discover how we become the way we are.

Silent Bestsellers

Cocktail crowds don’t trip over each other trying to grab a photo op with these writers. Celebs, they’re not. But away from the media glare, their books have found more readers than anyone imagined.

Danger and Denial

Three years after his Nobel victory, Orhan Pamuk shows the prize was no retirement award with a fine novel about love and memories


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