Guest Column

India Needs a National Plantation Policy

N Dharmaraj

For sustainability in agriculture as well as business, Kerala’s plantations need to achieve economies of scale

Three Poems

Ghost | Cast | The Decay of the Angel: November 25, 1975

The Force That Drives Us

Love is one of the most important links of society

Truth: The Changing Paradigm

Truth is immutable but the combined knowledge, interpretation and development of society have led to its shifting planes

Angel Tax is a Highway to Hell

It is single-handedly responsible for the dominance of foreign capital in Indian start-ups

The West gets constantly surprised by Iran because of their universal stupidity, says John J Xenakis

On the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, an American scholar talks about its impact on world politics

Spiritual Vs Physical

And the natural balance of mind and body

Need for Safeguards on Indian Roads for Children

India needs to bring in laws to check this menace

The Huawei Question

Should India keep the controversial Chinese company out of its telecom sector?

Ayodhya Needs Renewal

Rather than be destroyed, the older temples of Ayodhya need to be restored and preserved. After all, they stand on consecrated land


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