Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Sunanda K Datta-Ray is a journalist and author of several books. He is an Open contributor

Open Essay
Will Modi play the great game?

The last outpost of the Raj still survives in South Block

03 July 2014
Open Essay
The remains of the revolution

Living in the past of others

19 June 2014
Open Essay
A Venetian lesson for the Lion of Hindustan

What the world’s longest lasting republic can teach the leader of the world’s largest democracy

22 May 2014
Home is where the vote is...

…Or, is it that home is where the heart is but the heart is more than a cashbox?

24 April 2014
Very Humdrum, Sir

The last Englishman could still be an Indian

04 April 2014
An Extra M in Marx and Mamata Country

A view from the Calcutta Club

21 February 2014


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