Shahina KK

Kamal C Chavara
Anthem Agony in Kerala

Detentions, confusion, politics and more

22 December 2016
An unauthorised artificial lake in Wayanad that has led to water scarcity in the area
Wayanad: The Hills are Dying

Why nobody cares for Wayanad, Kerala’s enduring environmental tragedy

09 November 2016
Lessons to Unlearn
Lessons to Unlearn

A classroom activity in a school syllabus on how to deal with non-Muslims ignites communal passion in Kerala

19 October 2016
EP Jayarajan
Loud Cheer for Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala's Chief Minister wins applause for dropping Jayarajan from his cabinet

14 October 2016
An injured woman awaits medical attention in her house at a regular Sri Lankan Tamil refugee camp in Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu
The Castaways: The Life of Sri Lankan Refugees

They fled home only to be confined to subhuman conditions in the so-called special camps of Tamil Nadu 

14 September 2016
Assamese migrant workers in Perumbavoor
Migrant Workers in Kerala: The Stigma

Migrant workers in Kerala face difficult times in the wake of the arrest of one of them in a sensational murder case

14 July 2016
An Untimely Botch Up in Jisha case?
An Untimely Botch Up in Jisha case?

Post mortem of raped and murdered Dalit woman in Kerala puts a big question mark on time of death that the police had estimated

03 June 2016
CPM leader Pinarayi Vijayan
Kerala: Red With a Dash of Saffron

The UDF has suffered a humiliating setback after a no-holds-barred campaign in which it was seen as aligning with communalists of all hues

19 May 2016
The Life and Death of Jisha

What the gruesome rape and murder of a law student says about the dangers of being marginalised in an insensitive society where the police are as brutal as the sexually depraved

11 May 2016
Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan: The Politician Who Does Not Smile

In the run-up to the Assembly elections, will Pinarayi Vijayan’s ‘tough guy’ image be tough enough to outshine VS Achuthanandan’s charm

10 May 2016


Mehr Tarar

Mehr Tarar is a well-known Pakistani columnist and author

Nanditha Krishna

Nanditha Krishna is a historian, author and environmentalist, and director of the CPR Institute of Indological Research in Chennai

Makarand R Paranjape

Makarand R Paranjape, director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, is the author of the forthcoming book Swami Vivekananda: Hinduism and India’s Road to Modernity

Sumantra Bose

Sumantra Bose is Professor of International and Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His next book, Secular States, Religious Politics: India, Turkey, and the Future of Secularism, will be published in early 2018 by Cambridge University Press


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