Boria Majumdar

Boria Majumdar is a sport journalist and the author of, among other titles, Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians. He is a contributor to Open

The Fake Truths of IPL

Remember the fakeIPLplayer blog? It’s back as a book and it’s witty, engrossing and often rings quite true.

10 March 2010
Beyond the Boundary

It’s time to stop comparing Sachin with other cricketers. He’s among the greatest sportsmen of all time. Cricket is just the game he plays.

04 March 2010
Power of Two

Individually brilliant, together simply unmatched. In a double-barrel interview with Open, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir show glimpses of what makes them the best opening pair in the modern game.

25 February 2010
‘Dhoni and I have great respect for each other’

Media-shy coach Gary Kirsten, who all will agree has played a starring role in making Team India the fighting, winning unit it is today, talks to Open on how he goes about his business.

04 February 2010
“100 Is Never Enough”

After an astonishing 2009, Virender Sehwag has been named by England’s The Daily Telegraph as ‘the player of the decade’. Open talks to the Nawab of Najafgarh about his plans, and finds that this man does not even know how to think small.

07 January 2010
Smashed Hard

Andre Agassi casts out the demons of his past by writing about his cursed tryst with the sport that made him an icon.

06 January 2010
Colour Me Bad

This Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician has always been the paparazzi’s delight. In this biography, Sandford follows a similar path instead of trying to unravel the enigma called Imran Khan.

15 December 2009
First an Indian

Blood on his face, a fresh-faced boy on the vicious pitches of Pakistan signalled his arrival with two squeaky words, ‘Main khelega’. He stood and he’s still standing. Tall. A paean to the man who epitomises national pride

12 November 2009
The Other Half

Sourav Ganguly shares his fondness for Tendulkar

12 November 2009

In a fascinating one hour of cricket addabaazi, Sachin Tendulkar reminisces about his 20 years in international cricket.

12 November 2009


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