Addicted to the Net?

Avinash Subramaniam

If you are wasting time on ‘interesting’ sites, let this browser manage your time.

25 Wayward Years

The net has really grown since its conception, but we still don’t know what it’ll grow to be.

Sex Is Uncool

Forbidden stuff may be why many visit the net, but ‘cool’ netizens associate only with the legit.

Neither a Jungle nor a Web

The net is a two way street now. Say nice things about others and they’ll reciprocate.

An Award for Tweeting

Called the Shorty Awards, it celebrates those who can say more with less words.

Silent Activism

Do you take part in online activism to make a difference, or does it just show your indifference?

Say More with Less Ink

Here’s how you can make your printer ink cartridge last longer.

A Web of Apathy

It takes only a little more effort to design websites that the differently abled too can use.

Education Sans Frontier

Didn’t get that full scholarship from MIT? Chill. You can attend the class for free.

Keeping It Short

Here’s how you can remember those very long URLs, without creating mnemonics for them.


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