Yogi Adityanath

Where is the Hindu Right Going?

Rahul Pandita

Look who’s eroding the Modi ecosystem

In Defence of Offence

To protect freedom of speech, protect the right to be genuinely offensive

The Invisible Biryani

Yogi Adityanath replays culinary jibe at the opposition

A View from the Wild East

From Varanasi to Gorakhpur, from Modi's constituency to Yogi's fief, the combined might of SP and BSP and the charisma of Priyanka Gandhi hope to make a dent in the BJP bastion. Ullekh NP travels through a volatile stretch of Indian politics


A global projection of Hinduism’s soft power

The Yogi in His Labyrinth

As Yogi Adityanath completes one year in office, his supporters expect him to be an effective administrator rather than a potential kingmaker

The Show of Strength

India still swayed to the tune of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi 2017: Unabashedly Hindu

The politics of the Right becomes a cultural assertion

Open Diary

Media as the BJP's only opposition, David Goodhart's new book and a visit to Pakistan

Modi and the Monk

Empowerment is refinement, especially when the mandate is as big as UP...


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