The Pegasus Files

Ullekh NP

The Israeli company NSO’s spyware is in the news in India for all the wrong reasons

A Country of Trolls

How India ranked among a handful of countries that use ‘cyber troops’ to influence foreign public opinion

The Dark Side of the Boon

The abuse of information technology is a threat to our democracy

How WhatsApp Is Changing Indian Politics

WhatsApp’s prized encryption technology becomes a powerful weapon for the fake news industry in its biggest and most complex market, India, ahead of the 2019 poll

Fake News: The Poison of Forwards

Fake news going viral on WhatsApp has resulted in several deaths across India. Can it be stopped?

The Age of Suspicion

In the aftermath of WhatsApp rumours of child kidnappers on the prowl, Hyderabad turns a hostile gaze on outsiders and vagabonds

A Job for the Government

It is escapism to ask WhatsApp to prevent lynchings

The Pitch Update

WhatsApp is expected to replace Facebook as the online battlefield in 2019

The Age of Digital Monopolies

WhatsApp’s inevitable takeover of digital payments in India should be a worry

Cringepop: Like Them Not

Suddenly cringepop is sensational


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