Fake News: The Poison of Forwards

Rahul Pandita

Fake news going viral on WhatsApp has resulted in several deaths across India. Can it be stopped?

The Age of Suspicion

In the aftermath of WhatsApp rumours of child kidnappers on the prowl, Hyderabad turns a hostile gaze on outsiders and vagabonds

A Job for the Government

It is escapism to ask WhatsApp to prevent lynchings

The Pitch Update

WhatsApp is expected to replace Facebook as the online battlefield in 2019

The Age of Digital Monopolies

WhatsApp’s inevitable takeover of digital payments in India should be a worry

Cringepop: Like Them Not

Suddenly cringepop is sensational

The Boredom of Crowds

Even Salman Khan’s fans have a tolerance limit

Draft Encryption Policy Withdrawal

With the relentless cries of invasion of privacy, the entire policy which sought access to all our activities online has been withdrawn

The smart new world of Über-efficiency

With people swiping smartphones for food options, restaurateur ego-willing, menu prices could yet go dynamic in a chain reaction across the Indian market

Ring in the Free New

On WhatsApp calling and another painful revolution in the works


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