Vladimir Putin

Murder, He Wrote

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the doublespeak and effects of assassinations by countries

The Normalisation of Evil

No dictator today is denied the freedom of playing out his paranoia on a global stage

Limits of the Free World

Who’s winning the new Cold War?

US miscalculated gains, fears losing allies: American scholar on Ukraine war

In conversation with Richard D. Wolff, American economist and public intellectual

The Pursuit of Greatness

It makes some of politics’ most engrossing stories

The End of Putin’s Dream?

Why Russia is not a 21st century Sparta

What Sets Modi Apart

Darers, dreamers, redeemers and the damned in global leadership

The West should not forget that Russian wars start badly: Luttwak

Putin's forces are leaving one battlefield to go to another, to act purposefully, says noted war historian

Modi’s message to Zelensky, Putin reflect concern over cost of war

India will nurture ties with Russia but global slowdown is deepening New Delhi’s misgivings over wrecking ball effect of Putin’s actions

The Mythmaker’s Last War

Putin is not an accidental autocrat and a historian explains why


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