The West Must Pay

Minhaz Merchant

The door to reparations for centuries of atrocities has been prised open

The Fall of Red Fort

Oral histories chronicling the end of the Mughals

The Usual Ailment

On unpaid Covid health insurance claims in a dysfunctional system

Colour of Terror

White racists and their black deeds

Inside the Metoo Crucible

Can the accused be a victim too?


The Emergency, its victims and TV news anchors today

In the Crossfire

The women who suffered the worst of the communal violence in Muzaffarnagar last September

The Harassed Husbands of India

In the ‘psychological warfare’ between man and wife, there are support groups for victims of skewed laws that lend themselves to misuse

The Acid Chronicles

The discomfort of interacting with women whose faces have been disfigured by acid attacks


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