Cryo-Nirvana with Don DeLillo

S Prasannarajan

Life, love, death and immortality in Zero K

A Murder by Any Other Name

The Supreme Court spells out a policy on encounters to prevent cold blooded killings

Power Shift in Gangster Land

Once the Mumbai don took refuge in Uttar Pradesh after a hit job. Today it is the criminal politicians of UP who use use Mumbai as a safe house. S Hussain Zaidi, India’s foremost chronicler of the Underworld, writes on the new balance of power in the ever-expanding mafia world

‘There will never be another don like Dawood’

In a short conversation, writer S Hussain Zaidi offers an insight into the relevance of the underworld now that terrorists have given a new meaning to ‘crime’.

The Murky World of Crime Reporting

Mumbai’s police-underworld-media nexus is as venal as it is formidable. On his chosen turf, J Dey’s reputation of integrity would have been enough to make him a marked man


The realism is compelling enough but the sport of carrom doesn’t really make for compelling cinema.

Recession Hits the Underworld

There’s an eerie hush in the Mumbai underworld. Guns have made way for knives, sharpshooters for chain snatchers. Is the age of the dons over?

Confessions of a Reformed Hitman

“I was frightened. Did I really want to live every second looking over my shoulder? I wasn’t too far gone in the world of crime to not turn back. I decided to give up.”


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