The Evolution of the MBA

Lhendup G Bhutia

The coming together of management and technology

Imagination & Emojis

The emotional evolution in reading and writing


A future lens on how we date, romance and marry

‘Music Is about Pain,’ says Jeff Bhasker

Jeff Bhasker believes that the most important function of his art is storytelling. The Grammy-winning songwriter and producer in conversation with Prabha Chandran

The Return of the Vinyl Record

With a pop and a crackle, an old analogue technology, the vinyl record, returns


Cringepop: Like Them Not

Suddenly cringepop is sensational

Tarana Marwah: Singer in Candyland

Tarana Marwah’s dreamscape combines art and fashion with a sonic vision

The Heritage Chic

A home decor and clothing brand reimagines luxury in purely Indian terms

Rankings and Ratings in Our Lives

The fault in our stars. Illustration: Saurabh Singh

Hindi Film Music: Fine Tuned

A new set of composers transform Hindi film music


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