A Healthy Tradition

Madhavankutty Pillai

In an earlier age, India looked at exercise as more than fitness for the sake of fitness

The Great Indian Way

The rebuilding of the Ram temple is the triumph of resacralisation

The Dilemmas of Harishchandra

Caught between dharmic duty and heavenly call

A Mosque in Paris

What the history of the city’s first Muslim place of worship says about an issue that continues to cause controversy

The Spice Route

What’s it about Thalassery biryani

Sabarimala: In Defence of Tradition

Why the battle for an inclusive Ayyappa worship makes no sense

The Uses of the Erotic

Saving sensuality in the age of techno-porn

Enlightenment in the Gobi Desert

Amidst the India-China standoff elsewhere, art unites the two countries on the Silk Road. Nanditha Krishna looks at the Grottoes of a Thousand Buddhas to realise how civilisation is a unifying force even in the time of adversity

The Name of the Rose

Colour, class and tradition in a vase. The meditations of a flower girl

Hindu Belief: Legacy versus Destiny

For Indology to overcome its past prejudices, it must open itself to the perspectives of genuine Hindu belief


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