Test cricket

Ravichandran Ashwin: The 500 Blows

Aditya Iyer

India’s off-spinner reels in an extraordinary honour in Test cricket

The Fall of England

The long losing streak of the defending champions

The Bazball Revolution

England’s thrilling recovery in the Ashes is a blueprint for Test cricket’s survival

The Virat Mantra

Kohli gave India the confidence to beat anyone anywhere in the world

Cricket in 2050

All matches are now played in a covered stadium, any batsman who hits the ceiling is given an eight. The old helicopter shot is passé, players are hitting perpendicular rockets into the air

Collateral Longevity

New India doesn’t have time for a five-day sport but Tests survive on the back of the game’s adaptability to shorter formats

Can Test Cricket Survive?

As India gets ready for the final of the first World Test Championship against New Zealand, the inevitable question pops up

First Men

The future of Test cricket is in safer hands now


The all-rounder who helped India score their first victory of the Test series with a fiery bowling spell

Ajinkya Rahane: Good Luck Jinx

After being ignored for the first two Tests, Ajinkya Rahane puts selection policy to shame with a match-winning knock in the final game against South Africa


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