Television as Political Theatre

Mihir Srivastava

...and the splendid isolation of talking heads doing election analysis in TV studios

The Education of the Idiot Box

The next big revolution in consumer technology will be televised

Welcome to eDen

The future of technology

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Finally a 3D TV minus those cumbersome viewing glasses that make you groan

Because You Were Once Impressionable Too

Saas-Bahu and other television soap operas have transformed Indian lives in ways you can laugh at—or empathise with

More Cardboard Cutouts

Indians are popping up on American television screens in new and still typecast ways, typically for the laughs they get. Watch awhile, though, and you know this is mostly about America coming to terms with emerging realities

The World According to India TV

The fine art of turning a 30-second clip into a 30-minute programme on the most bizarre subjects

How Cricket Became Boring

It was unthinkable. That a day would come when the urban Indian male would admit he is bored of cricket. But the truth is that the sport is fast losing its charm among its most commercially influential devouts

Confessions of a Sports Channel Executive

“[On telecast rights] the press is inaccurate 80 per cent of the time, and the rest are plants”

Confessions of a TV Serial Scriptwriter

“There’s a constant disconnect between writers. No writer knows what the other is working on, even if they are working on the same episode. It has become a clerical job now”


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