Sector Vector

Moinak Mitra

Resilience in the face of inflation and global headwinds

Distress Call

As its promoter suggests a government takeover, the telecom company hurtles towards decline

Taking India Online

A fast-paced account of BK Syngal, who led India’s telecom revolution

It’s the Regulator, Stupid!

Prescriptions for easy business

Ritu Grover, 48, Founder, The Global Helpdesk

‘There was a huge setback and I had a daunting task ahead,’ says Ritu Grover

Sanjay Nayak, 53, CEO & MD, Tejas Networks

‘Even through the dark years, we never felt that the game was over,’ says Sanjay Nayak

How Much Does Size Matter?

A look at Vodafone-Idea's market leadership

Sam Pitroda: The Original Whiz

Sam Pitroda relives his journey from the remoteness of dispossession to the world of digital possibilities

The challenge of saving Nokia

News of Suri’s rise to Nokia’s top saw the company’s stock jump 7 per cent in European markets


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