Leading Ladies

Shikha Kumar

Exploring human emotions and modern technology

Ban and Boon

Domestic developers find an opportunity in the government’s ban on Chinese apps

We Have Addressed Security Concerns: Zoom India chief

Sameer Raje speaks about exponential growth in India, controversies, public wariness and efforts to win back user trust

‘There’s a Zoom fatigue’

Says Alexandra H Solomon, a clinical psychologist at Northwestern University

Zooming Out

Winning back user trust is proving to be easier said than done for the video-conferencing app

The Future of Politics

The next round of state elections, beginning with Bihar, will be the first test of how political leadership, parties and the electorate have adapted to the changes wrought by Covid-19

Rhythm for the Blues

The way we are listening to and creating music is changing in real time

The Future of Work

With personal space a medical necessity and homes doubling as offices, tomorrow might be in for a rehaul

Tinker a Tale

The everyday ingenuity we see around us is at the heart of steampunk, a genre defined by its combination of modern technology and anachronistic settings

Cooking During Lockdown

Nikita Doval uses tech to find her cooking commune during the lockdown


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