Artificial Morality

Madhavankutty Pillai

AI’s need to be politically correct can have a curious impact on its humour

The Class of Tomorrow

Learning is easier thanks to AI but fears persist about students misusing new tools

Artificial Intelligence at Your Command

If 2022 gave a hint of its potential, this will be the year when it enters the mainstream

The Rewards of Prudence

India is likely to see better growth than its peers despite global headwinds

Fast Forward

From new energy hopes to Elon Musk’s ambitions, tech is changing at the speed of light

The Indian Imprint on G20

There is a determination on the part of the Indian government to ensure there are clear deliverables on a long list of to-do items

The Tech Way

Digital piggy banks, music NFTs, social investing and a range of other innovative fintech products have made saving fun for Gen Z

‘Art is a great area to study luck’

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s new book deals with what the right data can tell us about who we are and how we might make our lives better. The economist in conversation with

The Morality of the Mobile Phone

It’s better to appreciate technology for what it is than what it’s not

The Man Machine

What claims of Google’s artificial intelligence system turning sentient say about humans


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