CHATGPT-4O: Intelligent Future

Ullekh NP

OpenAI’s all-knowing app shows striking improvements in generating content

Cold Comfort

How India is learning to live with severe heatwaves

Seizing the Future

India’s foray into semiconductors is a game changer

The AI Videographer

The wonders and dangers of artificial intelligence-generated videos

Who’s Afraid of AI?

Regulators may not be able to catch up with the leap of technology

Shooting for the Stars

The story of India’s success in the space programme lies in its innate scientific temper and the art of making do with less

AI and Democracy

Will humans become dispensable in the future of politics?

Living Dangerously with Deepfakes

From political campaigns, advertisements and scams to creators for hire, the age of AI forgeries is already here

123456 Shouldn’t Be Your Password

A large number of Indians exhibit shockingly bad online security habits making them vulnerable to cybercrime


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