The Man Machine

Madhavankutty Pillai

What claims of Google’s artificial intelligence system turning sentient say about humans

The Maximalist

SB Divya’s science-fiction novel, set in 2095, pits humans against Artificial Intelligence. The author in conversation with Aditya Mani Jha

The Transformers

Successful innovation goes beyond technology, to include commerce and policy

A Yearning Against Efficiency

On the peculiar opposition to 10-minute food delivery

Restructuring the State

Technology and infrastructure have been put at the forefront of economic growth while the role of government continues to shrink

The Esport Revolution

It can remake sport for the post-Covid era

The Evolution of the MBA

The coming together of management and technology

Touch and Go

Apple, BlackBerry and the story of how businesses die

The Sound of Silence

Meditation, helped by science and technology, is meeting the stress of a world afflicted with Covid


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