The Politburo of Pieties

S Prasannarajan

Pravda is being reinvented digitally to sustain the new progressivism

The Shape of Covid

What Artificial Intelligence may reveal about the coronavirus and a possible cure

The Blood Pact of Brothers

‘We plan a global launch of our blood clot removal device soon,’ say Vikram Janardhan, 49, electrical engineer, healthcare expert and CEO, Insera Therapeutics Inc, and Vallabh Janardhan, 46, neurologist and chief medical officer, Insera Therapeutics Inc

The Day of the Unicorn: Silver Linings Playbook

Founders of the new unicorns of 2020 have three things in common - adaptability, grit and a zest for life

Breaking Up Google

The US government’s attempt signals recognition of the dangers of tech monopolies

Jerry-Rigging Ways

Jugaad innovation in Indian laboratories

Mind and Machine

Novels that intertwine artificial intelligence with ethics

Leading Ladies

Exploring human emotions and modern technology

Ban and Boon

Domestic developers find an opportunity in the government’s ban on Chinese apps


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