Cloak and Stagger

Ravi Joshi

Empty tales from Indian and Pakistani spymasters

When Even Horror Fails

The Peshawar school massacre will not change Pakistani policy

How to Frame the Taliban

A veteran of many wars, photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg found Afghan terrain tricky, the language unfamiliar and the recklessness scary. Yet, he kept returning to document it all

The woman who the Taliban and the NATO fear

Meet Shukria Barakzai, a leading advocate of women’s rights in Afghanistan who wants to run for the country’s top office in 2014

Bamiyan Fragments Tell a Tale

New findings on how the statues were constructed and coloured

Persecuted in Pakistan

Forced to flee by the Taliban, they remain haplessly homeless in a country where space for minorities has shrunk alarmingly

The Devil Wore Purdah

Fashion shows are just that, not some great act of defiance, even in a country admittedly going to hell.

Blood Flower

Journalist Gretchen Peters follows the drug and terror money flowing out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE and finds Dawood Ibrahim at the heart of it. An extract from her book

Chasing a War

In his latest book, Imtiaz Gul gives a view of Al-Qaeda from within Pakistan. He speaks of tension within the terror group, and how India bungled a chance for peace in Kashmir

New Pakistan Taliban Chief

Chillingly for his rivals, Hakimullah Mehsud has been compared to Idi Amin


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