Who Wants the Peace of the Graveyard?

MJ Akbar

The Afghan War is over ideology, not geography

Farewell Kabul, We Hardly Knew Ye

America has squandered $2 trillion and thousands of lives trying to rebuild Afghanistan. Yet it never seemed to understand it

Afghanistan: Left to God

And a mood of understandable triumphalism in the Taliban

The Passion of Manzoor Pashteen

The 25-year-old Pashtun tribal leader is charismatic and defiant, much to the anguish of the powerful Pakistani army

Cloak and Stagger

Empty tales from Indian and Pakistani spymasters

When Even Horror Fails

The Peshawar school massacre will not change Pakistani policy

How to Frame the Taliban

A veteran of many wars, photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg found Afghan terrain tricky, the language unfamiliar and the recklessness scary. Yet, he kept returning to document it all

The woman who the Taliban and the NATO fear

Meet Shukria Barakzai, a leading advocate of women’s rights in Afghanistan who wants to run for the country’s top office in 2014

Bamiyan Fragments Tell a Tale

New findings on how the statues were constructed and coloured


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