Taliban can’t ensure security to Indians keen on resuming Afghan projects: Christine Fair

Ullekh NP

C. Christine Fair, Professor Security Studies at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, in conversation with Ullekh NP

The Ball Swings India’s Way

New Delhi keeps away from the turmoil in Pakistan, preferring to watch from a distance the steady ebbing of Islamabad’s strategic clout

Dateline History

Tariq Ali reports from the fault lines of Afghanistan to make sense of its current trauma

The Banality of Comparative Evil

Desperately seeking the sword of Hindutva

The False Equivalence Industry

In which it’s cool to compare RSS to the Taliban

High Culture: The Stoned Age

The expanding landscape of drug abuse

Truth Goes Underground

Afghan journalists, especially women, narrate their everyday ordeal

Afghanistan: No Emirate for Women

Next: Why Pakistan will Talibanise Pakistan

Malice and Mischief

Chalk and cheese may have more in common than the Taliban and RSS

Beware the Kabul Controller

The renewed threat to India is Pakistan which has finally gained strategic depth on its western front


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