Politics, Paranoia and Pegasus

NSO was caught unawares thanks to the advanced research done by the head of Amnesty International’s Berlin-based Security Lab, Claudio Guarnieri

The Constant Spy

You should still dread the midnight knocks; you should dread the eavesdropper you carry everywhere more

Digital Showdown

Internet freedom is expected to see a dip this year although people will find ways to stay connected

After Sweden, it is now UK’s turn to offer Assange justice: Co-author

In conversation with Dr Suelette Dreyfus, co-author, Underground

Harvesting Hate

An insider’s account of how a few smart men mined and manipulated data to con the world

The Pegasus Files

The Israeli company NSO’s spyware is in the news in India for all the wrong reasons

Defend Assange to Save Journalism

If you don’t defend Assange now, your ability to know the truth in the future will be badly hit, says Dr Suelette Dreyfus, the co-author of  Underground

The Day of the Drone

India warms up to a new craze—and a business opportunity


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