The Zen of Inheritance

Harsh Roongta

The rite of succession in India

In the Dalai Lama’s Shadow

Why Tibetans are worried and yet hopeful about the succession in Dharamsala

Decoding the Tata Succession

Yes, Cyrus Mistry is a surprise choice as the Tata Group’s next chairman. But a closer look suggests that it is an obvious one

The Sai Succession, Act II

Sathya Sai Baba claimed to be Shirdi Sai Baba’s reincarnation. The question of his own succession, though, will be hotly contested

Winning War, Losing Peace

Rahul Gandhi’s first ever full-fledged press conference reveals something about his leadership that’s worrying

After Advani, Who?

After being led by the Vajpayee-Advani duo for 40 years, the BJP faces a leadership vacuum. A look at the top contenders for the top job


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