Ranbir Kaleka: Movements of Memory

Rosalyn D’Mello

Art is closer to handmade technology on the canvas of Ranbir Kaleka

Ketaki Sheth: Her Own Space

The art of Ketaki Sheth is perfected by the intuitive and the digital

Akbar Padamsee: Body of Work

Akbar Padamsee has discovered a new colour and it adds an extra dimension to the structural compositions of his canvas

The Naked and the Nude

Arpita Singh’s work derives its meaning from her amazement with the mundane

Vivan Sundaram: Between Matter and Memory

It is his humanist engagement with politics that sets Vivan Sundaram apart

Reena Kallat: Trapped in Hyphens

Reena Kallat is continuously re-imagining existing bodies of work to unravel their many possible permutations and combinations

Lecoanet Hemant: A Class Apart

Women in their clothes exude cutting-edge sophistication. The beautiful partnership of Lecoanet Hemant (Photos: Rohit Chawla)

Sudarshan Shetty: The Perceiving Eye

Despite the diversity in his use of narrative devices and material, Sudarshan Shetty is fixated by the notion of conjoining seeming opposites (Photos: Rohit Chawla)

Mithu Sen: The Constant Performer

The subversive brio of Mithu Sen. Photographs: Rohit Chawla

Himmat Shah: In Soulful Solitude

Himmat Shah and the joy of being detached


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