Chronicle of a Victory Foretold

MJ Akbar

This election hinges on the W factor

Artificial Intelligence Is Like Allopathy

Both are statistical in nature and we cannot always predict their results. It is dangerous to treat them as infallible oracles

Shamika Ravi: India’s Explainer

How Shamika Ravi became the country’s most trusted Covid-19 statistician

Chasing a Pandemic

Mathematical modellers are influencing Covid-19 policies in real time

Rates Are Deceptive

Debunkers of employment growth are focusing on wrong indicators

Even Sachin Can’t Match His Numbers

Since 1957, Sudhir Vaidya has been meticulously keeping a note of everything related to cricket.

Detecting Fraud

A fascinating statistical law was brought into play to substantiate claims that the Iran election was rigged

Look Who’s Not Poor

If the purpose of the Poverty Line is to make India look less miserable on paper, the Government might as well pull random numbers out of a hat and call them statistics


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