Beyond Boundaries

Aditya Iyer

How the T20 World Cup has globalised cricket

The Original Game

How baseball came to prevail over cricket in America

The Name of the Number

Can a player be confined to the legend of the jersey?

Games of Glory

How India played to greatness, beginning with the 1948 Olympic gold in hockey

New Kid on the Court

Pickleball, a game that is a mixture of other racket sports, is fast coming on its own in India

Sweat and Tears

An integral part of the anti-colonial narrative, football is a story of our missed tryst with destiny

Racism in Sport

Beneath a tolerant façade, there are layers of prejudice based on culture and colour

Playing Ball with the Government

Public-private partnership has the potential to change the face of Indian sport. The challenge is the mindset.

The Taming of the Bull

They risk their life for honour—and rewards—at the Jallikattu. Here is what drives them to reach for that bull.


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