Untameable Divinity

Sharanya Manivannan

A vivid challenge to typical narratives about women’s suffering, sacrifice and spirituality in Pakistan

Love and Fear in Religion

Ego, politics and wealth, whether deliberately or otherwise, cater to conflict rather than consensus

The Bliss of Dying

Even though feared and often unwelcomed, death is indeed blissful

Only quality and not mere numbers count

It’s time we moved from census to consensus and finally, happily, to sense

Perennial Infection of Caste

Caste started out as mere educational and professional degrees. To claim entitlement or defilement just by birth makes one truly distant from God

In Defence of Liberals

That punching bag of Kangana Ranaut, Jaggi Vasudev and many others

Kali, the Divine Assassin

True bhakti or love for the divine can come about only with the grace of the Goddess


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