The Gift of Sleep

V Shoba

Thoughtfully designed mattresses, silk pillowcases, sleep stories in local languages and herbal soporifics: why we are resetting our body clocks again

The Sleep Economy

In pursuit of perfect rest and the many markets springing around it

Sleep Sharpens Memory

Dozing does not just protect what we store for recall later, it also eases our retrieval of it

Dozing to Remember

Memory neurons put us to sleep so we can convert short term memories into long term ones

Retention of the Relevant

Why we switch off our sensory systems now and then

Pavlovian Slumber

A new study indicates that people can absorb new information while asleep

Selective Memory

During sleep the brain preferentially retains memories and skills we most need

Sleep on It

Dreams of a task being learnt improve performance, suggesting that they may be by-products of memory processing.

The DNA of Sleep

Scientists have discovered the first gene involved in regulating the optimal length of human sleep


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