Shah Rukh Khan

Flight to Safety

Rajeev Masand

MeToo and Cold Feet | When Roles Serve as Rewards

No Lift-Off for SRK

United We Reign | The Past Is No Burden

No On-Screen Pairing Just Yet

Let Bygones Be Bygones | Sticky Situation

A Falling Star

Why Shah Rukh Khan movies don’t work anymore despite his trying every trick in the book

Zero Movie Review

It is not a great film, but certainly worth viewing once

Gracious in Defeat

Gracious in Defeat | Futile Effort

Just Kajol

She is now content with roles that suit her age and sensibility

Bhansali Pulls off a Coup

Aaryan Invasion Theory | A Sickening Encounter

The Awkward Embrace

Another Role Switch | MeToo Caution Kicks In

Case of the Schoolyard Bully

The Blood Vessel that Didn’t Pop | Disappointment in the Air


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