sexual harrassment

Aftermath of a Shaming

Madhavankutty Pillai

A review of #MeToo in the light of unexpected later happenings

#MenToo: Role Reversal

The curious case of a rape allegation against a celebrity that led to a fledgling MenToo movement

Undue Process

Karan Oberoi’s arrest shows the danger of automatic assumption of guilt in sexual crimes

God Against Libido

Where’s the reformer who will nail a thesis on the door of the Catholic Church?

Home Truths

Muzaffarpur casts a shadow over shelter homes

Change is Her

The year saw a shift from the theory of equality for men and women towards a practice of equality

Rape-Revenge Films: A History of Violation

Hindi cinema’s second wave of rape-revenge films gets bloody but begets no justice

‘Playboy made sexual abuse ordinary’

The American feminist writer Catharine MacKinnon says that sexual harassment has gone from being a privilege of power to a total disgrace

Anjali Gupta

She lodged a police complaint alleging sexual harrassment against three senior officers


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