She Needs Me, She Needs Me Not…

Sonali K

Dildos have their place in our midst but men aren’t becoming redundant yet

Big, Long, Hard Words

Do ‘relationships’ spell the end of the individual?

Playing the Sexy Part

When did ‘lovemaking’ become the good old-fashioned way of life?

Handle with Care

…and the eternal ‘does size matter?’ debate

Shrinking Violets

…and the making of an ‘independent’ woman

Sex, Politics and Videotape

Morphing a video clip is not easy, Mr Singhvi. Why not subject it to a forensic examination?

Blood Money

This film has all the elements of the Bhatt success formula, but in the wrong proportion

Caught in the Act

A dispassionate history of sex and the powerful mythologies that have surrounded it down the ages

Do Sexually Extravagant Males Age Faster?

­It is certainly true in the case of houbara bustard males

Look Who’s with the BJP

Congressman ND Tiwari, of the sexual adventures, has been getting cosy with the BJP for a while now


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