Madhavankutty Pillai

A barometer of India’s growth touches a new milestone

Bourse Correction

My bullishness on the India story remains unshaken

Breaching 50,000

On the Sensex touching historic levels in the midst of an unprecedented recession

For a Sustainable Sensex

How bubblesome is the Indian stockmarket?

Knock Down the Great Wall of Secrecy

Having tom-tommed share ownership by the proletariat, China must have figured it had to keep prices up. Even after this crash, Chinese stocks are overpriced

When a Candidate Leads a Market Rally

The ongoing Modi rally has many investors justifying it... and for diverse reasons

Narendra Modi and the Stockmarket

The Sensex’s celebratory air after the recent assembly poll results may be premature

The Year of Sensex Bulls

Despite the economy’s troubles, the Sensex has gone up by a handsome 25 per cent over 2012

After the US Meltdown, a Eurozone Crisis

It’s not a bloodbath yet, but the signs on Dalal Street don’t make for happy reading. In just a month, the gains made by Indian stockmarkets have been grievously eroded.


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