Beauty and Being

Georgina Maddox

Ten artists in conversation with the world

Chandraguptha Thenuwara: The End of Fear

The Sri Lankan artist who turns the darkest memories into an art of reconciliation

Benitha Perciyal: Earth Girl

Material has been at the crux of Benitha Perciyal’s art, embedded as it is in the philosophical notion of organic decay

Himmat Shah: A Lone Figure of Grandeur

The rawness of emotion and the earthiness of material give the sculptures of Himmat Shah a primeval aura

The Haunted

Yardena Kurulkar’s sculptures capture the shadowy spaces between life and death

Improbable Physics

Artist Dimpy Menon’s smooth, muscled sculptures seem to defy the laws of physics, but that is precisely why they are so disarming.

Staple Art

Pooja Iranna creates miniature sculptures from staple pins to make a monumental statement on the human psyche.

Media Messages

A trained sculptor, Shilpa Gupta uses TV, video and the Internet to make sense of the reality that surrounds us so artfully


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