The Mystery of the Indus Valley Language

Lhendup G Bhutia

Could a word for elephant in ancient Mesopotamia be the elusive connect between Harappans and Dravidians?

The Keezhadi Connection

Were the Tamils the earliest people in India to develop their own script?

Hand-Axe to Sher-Gil

A landmark exhibition highlights India’s connections with the world down the ages

The Eternal Harappan Script Tease

New findings raise an old question: Do South Indians belong to the Indus Valley Civilisation?

How to Make a Hit Hindi Film

What’s common to Band Baaja Baraat, Gangs of Wasseypur and Ek Tha Tiger? Nothing, except that they all got a lot of attention. As Bollywood comes out of its formula phase, what does a scriptwriter do?

If Not an Oscar, the Oscar Library Will Do

Indian filmmakers keep boasting about their scripts getting into the Oscar Library. But the library rejects no script that is sent

Original Scripts, Please?

Bollywood’s descent into blatant plagiarism and its utter disregard of the audience’s intelligence is worrisome

Confessions of a Bollywood Scriptwriter

“Most producers don’t know how to read a script. The development heads in corporate and big production companies are the worst.”


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