Diplomatically Hindu

Shashi Tharoor

A provocative thesis questions the Western fundamentals of diplomacy and argues for an Indian way of engaging the world

A Loss of Character

The wild onrush of individualism and the vanishing sense of national purpose. Can India avert a moral decline?

1962: A Gandhian War

Nehru’s Forward Policy was built on Satyagraha

Our Experiments with Fasting

Satyagraha to knavery and everything in between

Self-Goal Parivar

The BJP has worked hard this past week: jumping to Baba Ramdev’s support before deciding the party line on the man, demanding a special session of Parliament on corruption, re-inducting Uma Bharati. Not to mention, dancing gracelessly at an ill-attended satyagraha in Delhi

Coming Soon: Baba Ramdev’s satyagraha

His indefinite fast is to begin on the same day as Anna Hazare’s convention

Fast Forward to Farce

Keep the candles ready for yet another satyagraha, this time by Baba Ramdev


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