The Cost of Localising BRICS

Bharat Karnad

Let’s not induce the world to re-hyphenate India and Pakistan

Thank God No Margarita for Modi

Skipping the NAM summit is Modi’s heroic effort to retrieve India from the last morasses of ideology

Europe Reimagined

As three historians return to the bloody evolution of 20th century Europe, we realise how the current cataclysms of a continent make it easier for us to understand its past

Plain Truth

Complex plots, religious questions, political drama, fairy tales and shifting versions of reality, vodka’s story more than makes up for its lack of colour

Romancing the rogue

In the big bad world, it is again the Russian who happens to be the biggest baddie

The Great Game over Global Gas Supplies

Hydrocarbon markets are watching the West’s policy on ‘rogue’ nations for a reason

Return of the Great Terror

No autocrat as sanguineous as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is at work today, and it’s nostalgia that drives his extraterritorial ambition.

Punk Resistance in Putin’s Russia

In her new book, Russian-American writer Masha Gessen puts the spotlight on the spirit of defiance that marks Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot

From Russia with Bolly Love

An Indian theme party in St Petersburg reveals just how well India’s soft power is working in these parts

Vladimir Putin

He could rule for a further 12 years, which would make his a 22-year-rule


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