Farewell to Discord

Jayanta Ghosal

A fractious relationship

For the Love of the Taj

Is the revisionist appraisal of the country’s most celebrated monument dislodging it from its cultural perch?

A Wave that Endured

Under Modi, India has turned the corner

100 Plans

The RSS is planning to celebrate it in a big way across the country

Why Did Indira Gandhi Call for Elections in January 1977?

The author, whose father HY Sharada Prasad was Information advisor to Indira Gandhi, examines the likely reasons why she relaxed the Emergency and called for elections

Anger Management

The aesthetics of Indian politics—XII

The False Equivalence Industry

In which it’s cool to compare RSS to the Taliban

The Restoration of Savarkar

How relevant is his muscular national security vision today?

Malice and Mischief

Chalk and cheese may have more in common than the Taliban and RSS


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