The Pretend-Liberals

Virendra Kapoor

They don’t really require an excuse to unleash a volley of vile invectives against the government

The Fall of Liz Truss

The shortest serving prime minister in British history

The Tragedy of Boris Johnson

When politics becomes a study of character

Serious Tokenism

On the rules that govern political resignations that are not resignations

The Fall of Nawaz Sharif

The story of Nawaz Sharif’s rise and fall is the story of contemporary Pakistan. For him, it matters little if it is the Army or the Court. History has moved in circles for him and yet another uncertain phase of his political career begins

Raghuram Rajan: The Governor and Governance

Raghuram Rajan’s exit and the question of institutional independence

The recurring top-level resignations at Infosys

It is rumoured that Srinivas was upset over some of his juniors being evaluated for the post of CEO

Pawar Outage

A resignation drama by NCP ministers shows that Sharad Pawar can neither clean up nor control his party

Pope’s Resignation

Before him, you have to go back to 1415 when Gregory XII resigned as a compromise measure to resolve bitter factional wars within the Church


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