To Clarify an Objective

Madhavankutty Pillai

The Supreme Court asks a necessary question on reservations

The Opposite End

Reservations, once meant to uplift the weakest, are now demanded by the strongest

Modi As Usual

A bold response to a social reality

The Sharmas of Roopvas

A Brahmin village erupts in joy over the new economic quota

Telangana: Rights Reserved

Has the largest tribe in Telangana turned against TRS?

The Unreasonable Jats

Why they remain aggrieved, always. Kumar Anshuman travels to Jassia in Haryana on the eve of another agitation to find out

Why Patels Can’t Complain

An unjustified demand for reservations by a dominant group has engulfed Gujarat in a caste struggle for power

It’s a political gimmick

Reservation does not spell prosperity for its avowed beneficiaries

Grant Maratha

Does Maharashtra’s dominant social group deserve the quota promised by the state government?

Confessions of a Railway Reservation Clerk

“Every morning, we have to declare what the railways call ‘miscellaneous cash’ when we sit for duty, and empty out our pockets before logging out.”


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