Ranjit Hoskote

The Gifts of Gieve

Somak Ghoshal

A portrait of Gieve Patel as an interpreter of the modern metropolis

Surveyors with a Spyglass

Three collections of poetry tell of time and transitions, ancient cities and kingdoms

Bound by the Need for Breath

The discrete and distinct joys of reading poets Jerry Pinto and Ranjit Hoskote

Best of Books 2018: Poetry

A biography of water, the Gita refreshed and a record of sounds

Ranjit Hoskote: Between the Sea and the Shore

The many avatars of Ranjit Hoskote blaze forth in his new poetry collection. Suhit Kelkar meets the poet and curator

The man who wrote a poem on a non-meeting

Ranjit Hoskote says anything can be good material for poetry if you can make it work


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