Rahul Gandhi

Yes, Rahul Should Rule

Rahul Pandita

That is the bottomline. At least Uttar Pradesh, a Congress bastion for yonks and then not for nearly as long, is ready to vote the party in, with Rahul on top.

Rahul’s Muslim and Dalit Connect

The minority report on the man is also fairly upbeat. More than half the Muslims and Dalits polled in the survey feel Rahul is batting for them.

Why Rahul Is Popular

A lot of them, men and women, upper caste Hindus and Dalits, young and old, find Rahul “clean, accessible and energetic”. His looks count for something too.

The 110% Rahul Effect

His life’s been such an unredeemed saga of misery that Baichulal Harijan has often wished himself dead. He believes Rahul might be able to turn it around for him.

Boy Who Burst out of His Bubble

He spoke of his Dream India where everyone could dream freely. Tsk, tsk, we said. Then came the electoral tests. He lost some, won some. But now he finally has our attention.

Winning War, Losing Peace

Rahul Gandhi’s first ever full-fledged press conference reveals something about his leadership that’s worrying

Coming of Age of Rahul Gandhi

One of the more significant developments of the ongoing Lok Sabha election is the coming into his own of the Congress’ heir apparent and fourth-generation scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

Rahul’s Congress

The party’s heir apparent has seen his youthful experiments in electoral democracy succeed and is now ready to shake the party up

Rahul Gandhi Corporation

It has no balance sheet, but talks balance. It has no earnings, but forecasts electoral dividends. It is an exercise in management, but what it can manage is an interesting question. Here’s the team that runs the leader’s show


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