Rahul Gandhi

Enter the Unregistered Opposition

PR Ramesh and Siddharth Singh

As the Congress vacates the space of an active opposition with a counter-argument, civil society activists and other professional dissenters rush in to fill the vacuum

Gandhis Win, Congress Loses

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi can have the satisfaction of a Pyrrhic victory. The party has formally reaffirmed their leadership, but it is seen as completely out of sync with the times

Prashant Bhusan: The Unforgiven

Bhushan had played a big part in exposing the coal and 2G scams

Tradition and Morbidity

Rebels for a day, and virtual renegades in a schmaltzy spectacle of piety and panegyrics in the next day’s headlines, the dissenting Congress leaders retreated without the humiliation of a recantation. Some mercy.

Ashok Gehlot: The Desert Fox

The daring and durability of Ashok Gehlot

The Jaipur Jolt

Sachin Pilot becomes the face of rebellion in a party on the brink

The Missing Rebel

What the failed mutiny in Rajasthan says about the Congress and its leader

The Prisoners of the Prince

Look who’s killing the Congress

Home Truths

Political observers are now remembering past high-profile housing cases


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