The Rescue Trap

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the absurdity of Shweta Basu spending two months in a rehabilitation home

France Criminalising Clients of Prostitutes

In India, prostitutes may practise their trade privately but cannot solicit clients in public

Red Light Banking

A financial institution that helps sex workers save money is in danger of shutting down

Random Notes on Pimps

Red Light streets are yesterday. Mobile phones. Residential colonies. The suburbs. Housewives. Students. The pimps show us glimpses of the changing profile of the sex industry

Why I Slept with 1300 Women

The affections of a woman have to be won through the peacock dance of success and refinement, or through the deceit of lies. And then sustained for years through many strange virtues, or more lies. The price of love, above all, is monogamy. One man decided to break free. And he slept with over 1,300 women paying them over £115,000. This is his story.

The Freak City

Dubai is astonishing. But sometimes, when you are standing there, you expect a man’s voice to suddenly shout ‘pack up’, and everything to disappear


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