No Sky Above

Zakia Soman

A wheelchair-bound prisoner’s appeal to the state and to humanity

Subhas Chandra Bose: Stalin’s Prisoner?

Was Netaji sent to the Gulag? The Subhas Chandra Bose files might reveal many hidden truths

Prisoner of an Image

Why no one speaks for Abdul Nasser Madani, the ailing politician who has been kept behind bars for years on evidence that is suspect, and how reporting on him made me a target of the Karnataka police

1 Israeli for 1,027 Palestinians

The story of a war-torn world where that seems a fair exchange to both sides

A Convict’s Escape

A criminal at age 15, gang leader at 16, and state fugitive at 17, this student by day and gangster by night had done it all until he was arrested at 22. But even jail failed to break Vicky. Anupam Mukerji meets the man who turned to dance to kill the demon in him.


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