Prakash Karat

The CPM Has Split in All but Name

Dhirendra K Jha

Prakash Karat is openly aligned with the party’s Kerala faction while the Bengal unit is headed its own way

Advantage Buddhadeb

CPM general secretary Prakash Karat’s hold on his party is getting feebler by the day. His peace overtures at the recent Central Committee meeting in Hyderabad notwithstanding

Clueless Indian Marxists

Karat has reiterated the obvious that Marxism has failed to come to terms with India

Prelude to a Parting

After the CPM’s Vijayawada meet, Prakash Karat has made a declaration of party unity. But insiders hear a bugle call to war.

Yellow Card for Karat

How Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee blew his top at a Politburo meeting, and how Prakash Karat was served an unprecedented warning by his party.

Karat to Face His Party’s Music

An extended meeting of the CPM’s Central Committee in August is expected to call him to account for overstepping the party’s political line.

India This Week

Karat Gives in to Detractors; Cheek for a Cheek; Proving Their Track Record; Desperate Buddha Vibes; No Centre-State Harmony in Kashmir Song

Karat versus Yechury

Partners once, rivals now. There is a deep split within the CPM that threatens to surface if the party loses Bengal.

‘No Compromise on Leading Rebellions’

CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat on the difficulties his party faces in the 2011 West Bengal Assembly election, the threat from Maoists and his error in allowing the UPA government to negotiate a safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency in November 2007.

More Marxist Than Thou

If you think Prakash Karat would be lying low after his party’s recent rout, think again. He’s back at the helm with a grand plan for change


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