Being in Goa

Virendra Kapoor

You come across a lot of people from Delhi who have their second or third home here

Rivers of Life

A celebration of India's water bodies and why they must be saved

Toxic Truths

An investigation into the mercury poisoning of Kodaikanal

Flowing Far

The benefits of river rejuvenation extend to water and food security, tourism and recreation

The Lower Depths

Bengaluru continues to be water-stressed despite citizen awareness and initiatives to conserve and recharge lakes

Synergy at Last

The holistic budget combines health systems, water, sanitation, nutrition and air pollution

Breathing Easy

Lessons from the collateral environmental gains of the lockdown

High on Congestion

Globally, Mumbai ranks among the top 10

A Farewell to Plastic

With a policy expected to be announced on October 2, a roadmap to phase out plastic pollution is finally coming to fruition

Delhi’s Air Quality

The relatively affluent parts of the city always seem to report poor quality air


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