The K-pop Wave

Akhil Sood

The obsessive love of the K-pop fan in India

José González: The Rebel With a Song

José González, indie folk singer-songwriter and guitarist, strikes a different note

Inside Out Artist

Nikhil Chopra redraws history in performance

A New, Forgiving Amma

Jayalalithaa focuses on development, casting aside (for now) the vendetta politics that plagues Tamil Nadu

The Constant Travellers

For forty years, Footsbarn has been travelling the world, performing. They live in homes-on-wheels as an itinerant little community. Now they’re pitching tent in India


A shameless copy of a Hollywood film with a few good performances to hold it up

Being Charlie Chaplin

It was on a stolen trip to the cinema that he met his hero, Charlie Chaplin. And a chance encounter that got him the Cherry Blossom ad. So many years, so many gigs, yet he still isn’t done being Chaplin.

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

The Purana Qila is no longer just a scenic backdrop to the annual dance festival, Ananya: The Unparalleled. It’s playing a starring role in many performances.

Listening to a Silent Audience

A life on stage is absolutely magical, especially when you sense the power to hold your audience captive

Confessions of a Reality Show Participant

Ninety per cent of the questions the judges asked us were scripted


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