Status Anxiety

Bhavya Dore

Diksha Basu creates a comedy of manners set in Delhi

The Kargil Chic

From war zone to heritage hub, it’s the new destination of culture tourism in the Himalayas. Pallavi Pundir chronicles the transformation. Photos: Raul Irani

Lakshmi Pratury: Inking Ideas for India

Lakshmi Pratury and the art of investing in people

Kandy Cocktail

Ashok Ferrey turns a mocking eye to the foibles and failings of high society in Sri Lanka

Beauty and Beasts in Nepal

Manjushree Thapa creates a breathtaking landscape that can be both hostile and affectionate towards the people who bustle in and out

The Bamboo Romance

The magic of being miserable in the Northeast

India Is Not a Hindu Monochrome

To call India a Hindu nation is to pigeonhole its plural, multi-ethnic character

‘People Are the Nation’

People who share a sentiment about a nation, a common history and a common set of values


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