The Art of Eternity

Priyatej Kotipalli

How to prepare the post-pandemic cultural world for its digital future

Future Smart

Budget 2022 is the first building block in a twenty-five-year plan for an unprecedented makeover of India

Another first to our many

India will become the only country in the world where people will get Covid and its vaccine simultaneously

Beginnings and Alternative Ends

The trajectory of pandemics suggests that humanity will always triumph in the end but without control over the time and toll

2020: The Year of the Rat

We are all in hiding; we only go out to get food; we store food; when people come close, we run away. Amen.

No Politics over Tests

Narendra Modi’s reaction to 'faulty' rapid Covid-19 testing kits

Among the Abandoned

With the continuation of the lockdown and little relief coming their way, the poor are finding it difficult to feed themselves

Fear And Loathing In A Small Indian Town

With the first confirmed and now dead coronavirus patient, panic breaks out in the north Bengal town of Kalimpong

The Lockdown Project

If India is successful in pushing back the advance of the coronavirus, it would have achieved the impossible


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