Old Delhi

Asaf Ali’s Haveli

TCA Raghavan

The hidden history of a girls’ primary school in Old Delhi

Crimson City

To follow in the footsteps of real and imagined characters in Old Delhi is to discover its cosmopolitan nature

Flight of Fancy

Yet another Delhi book revives the glorious near past—but fails to soar

Bird Speed

The culture of pigeon-racing in Old Delhi is a remnant of a Mughal era practice

The Enchanted Bylanes

It is not Enid Blyton’s English woods, it is an Indian wholesale market for toys. A glimpse of how Chinese efficiency works wonders with Indian enterprise

Portraits of Belonging: Sagira Begum

An Old Delhi neighbourhood full of highly skilled craftspeople struggles to survive, to keep some fragment of its poetry in a city whose priorities are far more prosaic.


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